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About Us

Our story

The McDowell Trails Association is a non-profit 501 (c) (3) corporation created to plan, develop, build and provide education and support for non-motorized trails in McDowell County, North Carolina. 

Our mission is to partner with local governments, agencies, clubs and associations in order to create greenways, blueways and non-motorized trails that will promote health, recreational and economic opportunities for residents and visitors in McDowell County.

Our legacy of projects include the: Point Lookout Trail, Joseph McDowell Historical Catawba Greenway, Peavine Trail and the Corpening Memorial Greenway



To partner with local governments, agencies, and associations in order to extend and maintain greenways, trails, and paddle trails to promote a healthy lifestyle and recreational opportunities for residents and visitors in McDowell County.


• Providing connected trails, greenways, and paddle trails to provide safe and accessible places for residents and visitors to enjoy the benefits of outdoor recreation.
• Advocating for greenways and trails to make McDowell County a more pleasant place to live, visit, and work.
• Building, maintaining, and extending sustainable trail corridors to connect communities and protecting the natural environment, leaving a legacy of natural areas for future generations.
• Promoting outdoor recreation to bring greater economic development to our communities and support and expand local businesses.


• Respect - We will strive to treat all people with dignity and respect.
• Inclusiveness – Our outreach efforts to the public will include all individuals regardless of race, ethnicity, disabilities, gender, or orientation.
• Stewardship and Sustainability – We intend to be good stewards of our environment through responsible and sustainable development of greenways, trails, and outdoor spaces.
• Transparency and Fiscal Responsibility – MTA Officers and Board of Directors will conduct business in an open manner and will provide an annual reporting of funds collected and disbursed.
• Collaboration – We value our partnerships and realize more can be accomplished by involving and collaborating with community partners.