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Joseph McDowell Memorial Greenway

Joseph McDowell Memorial Greenway

A gentle walk along the Catawba River

Author – Jim Williams

Difficulty Level: Stroll in the park

These are trails or greenways that are paved or surfaced to make walking comfortable.  Usually flat.  Most of the time they are located close to parking and other conveniences.  Bring the whole family and enjoy nature.

Shoes: Light
comfortable walking shoes or tennis shoes are fine for this trail.

Time:  Expect to spend from 1 to 1.5 hours on the greenway if you walk to the end and back.

Distance:  Total distance round trip is 1.6 miles not including the side trip to Round Hill.  That will add another quarter mile.  Elevation gain is none.  Greenway is totally flat.  Good for strollers, wheelchairs, etc..

Safety:  There is an occasional snake that crosses the path in the summer.  Just leave them alone.  Water is always a good idea.

Courtesy:  The greenway is crowded at times.  You may see bikers, runners and even skaters.  Stay to the right when you walk.  If you’re with a group, try not to take up the entire trail.  Pets are allowed and they all look like they are enjoying the walk but be sure to clean up after them.
HOW TO GET THERE:  From Marion, take Hwy 221 north toward Sevier.  Soon you will be at the intersection for Hwy 70.  Make a left turn onto 70 like you are headed to Old Fort.  Cross the freeway intersection and go past the Mc Donald’s.  In less than a mile you will see the entrance to the Joseph Mc Dowell Greenway on your right.  Turn in and park in the lot.  There is a handicap parking spot if needed.
The trail starts at the parking lot.  As you enter, check the info at the kiosk on your le

THE TRAIL:  It’s a flat, paved walkway to the end. Take someone with you or walk alone and enjoy the peaceful river that runs along the pathway.  About halfway in you will see the trail to Round Hill.  It’s a short loop trail around the base of the hill.  Worth the extra time. 

FACILITIES: There is a port-o-potty at the trail head.